Over Here

Just thought I would add a link to Mathew’s Google Plus page for anyone who would like to keep up with him: Mat@GooglePlus. As you will see he is doing fantastically. What a journey!


The Hidden College #2

We had a philosophy session last night, the topic being Utopia, a seemingly childish and embarrassing subject these days. The topic was inspired by visions such as Baon’s New Atlantis when the idea was still fashionable.

Anyway, the reason I post this (without a photo alas) is just to describe Mathew’s progress in case you haven’t seen him of late. I was sitting at our usual table for the event when Mathew arrived – up the narrow stairs – and made his way over with a wobbly but sure gait. He was the first to arrive having caught the train from Eltham. He looked well, greeted me with a big honest smile and ordered a latte. Shortly Pierz and Stephen arrived and a rewarding conversation ensued. There were laughs, duels and metaphoric light bulbs in our little utopia around our usual table.

I probably wont be posting much here anymore as Mathew’s progress has moved beyond the need for an intermediary like me to keep people up to date with how he is going. He has said once or twice that he might take over the blog. He is taking over lots of things in his life again. If you want to hear how he is going you could always email him.

HBOT #11

Fortunately we were able to recommence HBOT last week thanks to Angeline and I hope to continue with that when I next have Mathew.  Anyway, here is a video showing some great results using the treatment for chronic brain injury from Israel.

Pyramid Portrait / Reading Laszlo

It was a fairly standard weekend around here at Rockley Road, Prahran Market, coffees, picking up Ryu. We have been to acca a couple of times of late and this weekend we went again since we had 45 minutes to spend until Ryu’s lesson finished and it was great fun wandering around the current exhibition and trying to decrypt the interpretations of modern life on offer.

ReadingLazloWhen we got back Mathew started reading Science And The Reenchantment Of The Cosmos by Erwin  Laszlo. He read the introduction and I noted the time as I was starting on dinner – he was engrossed in it for 25 minutes. This was the first time I have seen Mathew that taken with reading and at one point Sanae nudged me and  nodded as if to say ‘wow look at that’. It was great.

Tonight we were watching a Japanese extreme travel comedy and talking about travel and I found the attached image of Mathew in front of the Giza pyramids taken just after he went walk-about in Egypt August 2011. We read the accompanying email chain together – a both humorous and grave exchange. The information in these emails was enlightening.


Chariots Of The Gods


Mathew arrived at Rockley Road on Tuesday evening for his second week post Royal Talbot. He spent Wednesday with Michelle and Thursday with Sanae. Lots of South Yarra cafe visits I am told. On Thursday afternoon Sanae put on Chariots of the Gods  which Mathew loved. It is a classic 70’s documentary whereby aliens provide humanity with an evolutionary spark in prehistory. Mathew liked this very much and now plans to become a researcher in these fields. I am amazed that 7 billion people are largely unaware of our alien heritage.

Philosophical conversations lead to a visit  to the Theosophical Society Bookstore today in search of similar inspirations. Mathew read a few pages of The Brain That Changes Itself  but ended up buying My Stroke Of Insight which Pierz recommended a few weeks back. It is an ambitious plan to read such a book but even to crack a chapter or two will be great. We spent a few quiet moments in Mingary on the way there – an amazing place that lifts you out of the city and into a meditative mood in a short flight of steps.


Federation Square for a coffee and had a bite at Blue Train in Southgate. What a fine autumn day for it! Mathew is also pictured below making his breakfast and doing his washing. First tram ride I think too. Nice strides there.

By the way I took dictation for most of that… And the alien fascination is not new either.


Royal Talbot Season Ends – New Setup Begins

Mathew was discharged from Royal Talbot this morning, greeted by a small balloon party and those blowout whistles which brought a smirk and the response ‘I’m out!’


Stephen MacKenzie did well to inflate so many balloons in traffic on the way there and thanks must go to him for organizing the small gathering to mark the occasion. He took some great photos but I attach a quick snap from my phone – I’ll see if I can get a copy of his professional ones to post here. After coffee at the boathouse. Sunny auspicious day for it.

Big thanks to the staff at Royal Talbot for all their efforts for Mathew!

The new setup is still being drafted and will explain how we hope things can work to see Mathew’s recovery continue. Let us know if you would like to join in. If you have any bright ideas, whatever they may be – especially the kind of inspirations that come from dreams – please record them via a comment here. Not that we want you to dream about it but if you happen to…

HBOT #10

This weekend saw Mathew’s tenth HBOT session – he has now spent  20 hours in the tank – but unfortunately this will be the last for a while until we can reach consensus on the benefit of further investment in the treatment.

Many in the medical orthodoxy in Australia still dismiss HBOT for TBI while often knowing very little about it but the tide does appear to be turning as evidenced by the rapidly growing number of research articles in the field. In Russia, China and other countries the treatment is uncontroversial. I attach one recent study on the benefits of HBOT for chronic stroke: HBO induces neuroplasticity in chronic stroke. Also one story of an amazing recovery from TBI to inspire here. If you don’t mind reading research articles and want to look deeper into the issue then drop me a line and I will forward you some of the resources I collated when evaluating the treatment but sites like http://www.hbot.com/ are much better.

Anyway, we had a great weekend and I continue to be impressed by Mathew’s improved memory. This morning he was recalling yesterdays events as they related to todays plans. One example from quite a few was that after breakfast he went and got the phone and rang Sue to confirm what time she would be coming to get him to take him to the footy. He hasn’t been doing hat sort of thing much before and it really is just amazing – my participation in that was only to remind him of the number which he had wrong by one. He’d been asking me to call her the night before and I had said that in the  morning would be better.

He is carrying bags now at the market – something quite unimaginable given his wobbly gait only a month back – and hangs up his washing. The walk from our place to the market and back must be 3 kilometers. His level of independence is growing quickly!

Mathew At The Market